Redeemed from Death

We are redeemed from death unto life.



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Isaiah 53:4-7 – Christ suffered in our place.

Galatians 3:10-16 – Christ paid our penalty that we would receive God’s promises through faith.

We, as believers, are “in” Christ, and thus we have the promises of God. These are the blessings of Abraham, given to us.

1 Thess. 5:23 – We are to be preserved blameless. If we are not blameless, we cannot expect God’s grace. But it is through Christ that we can become this way.

We have spirits, but live in our physical bodies, or “earth suits.” We are to be blameless spirit, soul, and body. While sin still lives in our flesh and blood bodies, sin no longer lives in our spirits. Because of that, there is corruption in our bodies. It is due to that corruption that our bodies will perish. Thankfully, our spirit will live on.

Our bodies are supposed to be obeying our spirit. While the brain is made in a physical manner, the soul transcends the physical realm. It is our brain that controls our body. If our soul exists beyond the physical, it can overcome our bodies.

The Bible is often called “The Manufacturer’s Handbook.” Many products come with instructions on how to build, assemble, or operate it. When we skip looking over the manual, we find that there are often steps missed, parts unused, and a failed result. Thankfully there is a book that specifically shows how to live your life the best way possible. Are you going to follow it?

When you were born you were physically alive, but spiritually dead. Everyone is born this way.

There are three deaths. Spiritual death is the most important one. In Genesis Adam was commanded not to eat of the one tree, because it was sin and he “in dying he would surely die.”

Our physical bodies were originally designed to last for eternity, and even with sin their bodies still lasted over 900 years.

Genesis 3:22 – Man became aware of sin, and thus good and evil, and God removed him from the garden. Man apparently didn’t have an understanding of what “good” was, but since there was no understanding of evil, and that God was their only understanding they needed little else. But upon learning of good and evil, they suddenly had a choice… and choosing good every time is impossible for man.

God wanted to spare us the agony of choosing good over evil. But, ultimately they had that choice and chose the wrong way… just as any of us would have. He made man so He could fellowship with them. But through sin they were separated and there had to be a savior to restore the relationship God originally intended.

Ephesians 2:1-5 – God made us alive again through Jesus.

Adam’s nature to sin was passed down to us all.

Some say Jesus is a crutch… and maybe he is, but he is also a savior. We need a savior much more than we need anything else. And, if you have a broken leg, a crutch is a great thing.

Though everyone has fallen short, we are made alive through Christ.

1 Cor. 15:22 – Through Adam all die because of that rebellious nature was passed down. But through Christ are all made alive.

Hebrews 9:27 – We die once, and then are judged. Make sure you’re on the right side of Christ when that judgment comes. There are two ways to stand before God in judgment. One is by yourself, which is not recommended. The other is to be found in Christ, which means God will see him instead. And since Jesus was sinless, you will be found sinless.

The third death is called the “second death” or “eternal death” in the Bible. This death is the home of the spiritually dead.

Luke 16 – The story of the rich man and Lazarus. We see the two sides of the afterlife before Jesus’ death. We see a division between the two parts of hell. One side was the “bad” place, but there was another side of waiting for Christ’s resurrection since it had not yet happened. When Christ arose, he led those waiting on the one side to heaven. But what about the other side?

Revelation 20 – The first resurrection: those of us who know Christ. The second death has no power of those who know Christ. So, bow to Christ now. It is far better to do so now than to do it later, because every knee will bow. Let your name be found in the book of life.

The lake of fire is the home of the spiritually dead. Not an inviting prospect. But those who choose to follow Christ do not have to participate in this result.

Turn to Christ to find salvation, to find yourself in him on judgment day.