Power, Power, Power

God’s power is in all He does, and in those who believe. We can call upon that power in our lives and our service to the King.



Download Audio: Power, Power, Power РJanuary 8th, 2017


The ability to forgive sins is indeed powerful. Even we have been given this power. ¬†Throughout Biblical history there have been many people given God’s power. It is written that we will do mighty things and even greater than Jesus did when he was here. If only we had the power to live a sinless life… unfortunately, we still live in a physical body.

Noah, Job, and Daniel were examples of Old Testament men who were close to God. In fact, it is not even recorded that Daniel sinned.

We have been justified, or declared innocent… not guilty, of our sins. It seems that there may be no way that we can be called as such, but with God’s power. God prepared us for his service, and equips us to do what’s set before us.

God’s power washes us completely from ALL sin.

A covenant is a powerful contract between two people. Today’s analog would be a written contract, but that falls far short of what a covenant is meant to be. It was an agreement that could only be broken by death.

John 6:53-58 – Communion is the representation of the Passover as celebrated by the Israelites as they were being freed from the Egyptians.

All we need to be saved, to be in the New Testament Covenant with God, is to believe in our hearts and speak from our mouths that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus was fully God, and fully man, and in thus dying fulfilled the sacrifice required by God, and overcoming the physical body and its desires.

Jeremiah 31:31-34 – A covenant between God and man, where God provides some amazing things for those who accept that covenant. This includes forgiveness of sins so much so that they are not even remembered.

When we have Jesus on the inside, our desire to serve him outwardly is there. Shouldn’t we want to be more like Jesus? Shouldn’t we strive to act and live as he did so we can see his hand moving in our lives.

Ezekiel 36:25-28 – We will be given a new heart to live for God. We will be his people and He will be our God.