Winning the Race

Sep 3, 2023    Dave Shaver

Dave Shaver gives a special message on how racing is like our walk with God.

The "contact patch" is the small area where the tire meets the road. It is the one spot where all of the engineering, power, and control transfers from the car to the racetrack. Your interaction with God is the key part of your walk. Are you staying in the Word? Are you letting it steer you?

The "racing line" is the path the car follows around the track. The optimal line makes you the most efficient, and shaves seconds off of your lap times. We are called to follow the path God has set before us. By staying in the Word and spending time in prayer, we stay where God wants us to be.

In Rally racing the co-driver is a critical part to being fast. No driver can be competitive without those instructions, given at the right time. We need to be listening to the Holy Spirit. He'll keep us performing at our best.

So, stay in touch, stay on the path, and listen to God... no matter how He speaks to you and your the race will be won.