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Hey, news from pastor Cary! Wow, I marvel at how much our world has changed in the last couple of weeks. Who would have dreamed? Given those changes here is pertinent information you need to know.
We here at FCC are attempting to follow the directives of our elected officials while continuing to provide for the spiritual needs of each and every one of you. In light of the new mandates, we will not be open for regular services and have temporarily suspended Sunday School, children’s services and Wednesday evening services. If you show up at the church Sunday you will of course still be welcomed. Our worship team and myself will be present for broadcasting the service over the radio KCRT 1240am from 11am till noon and on audio livestream which you can find available at Please join our worship and Word from one of these sources. Offerings can be mailed to FCC, 200 S. Walnut St., Trinidad CO 81082 or call the church and you can drop them off here when I am here which is usually sometime every afternoon, but call first to ensure that I am here. We thank you all so much for your understanding. We are also advising everyone to follow the CDC guidelines, as well as those of our president, governor and the Colorado Dept. of Health.
I was thinking of Solomon’s prayer when Israel was dedicating the new temple – here is part of it: If there is in the land famine, or pestilence, blasting, mildew, locust, or caterpillar… or whatever plague or sickness there is, what prayer and supplication soever is made by any one or by all Your people Israel which every one knows the plague (punishment), in their own heart, and spreads forth their hands toward this house: then You hear in heaven Your dwelling place and forgive, and do, and give to everyone according to their ways whose heart You know… I Kings 8: 37-39.
It really seems that we should be on our knees in prayer coupled with fasting. What a novel idea: prayer and fasting! I would ask that you consider fasting a meal or two once a week or so and spend that time in prayer. God has promised us if we seek his face, turn from our wicked ways etc., that He would heal our land, II Chronicles 7:14.
You will also see on our website that Dave Shaver has set up a place for us to share needs. This is designed so that any of us can post a need on the site, be viewed by others and somewhere along the line one of us will be able to meet that need. We really do want to take care of each other especially in this trying time.
I was asked recently what to do if someone came to your house asking for food, or apparently even more important – TOILET TISSUE. I suggest we do what Jesus would do and share some of what we have. We serve a God who is more than enough El Shaddai, and Jesus who multiplies food. It is a Biblical principle that if we “plant seed” we will reap a harvest. Keep in close contact with the Holy Spirit and he will tell you what to do!
Be assured that this time too will pass. Our world will have changed, but our parents and grandparents, and for some great grandparents, lived through WWI and WWII which forever changed their world and they emerged even stronger than before. I believe that we can do the same. God is on the throne, we are closer now to Christ’s return than we were two weeks ago, and our God is faithful to care for us.
God Bless You and Know that You are Loved by God and Myself!

Stand fast in the Faith! - Pastor Cary
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