Another Day

It is now confirmed! We have another day to serve the Lord and make others thirsty for Him! I am assuming that God still has a purpose for us to be here… since we are still here, and we all know what that purpose is. The sooner we finish the job the sooner we can get out of here.
I see the governor closed essential businesses yesterday. We will see how that plays out and what “the establishment” deems as essential. Likely to NOT include a few that I feel are. I, of course, feel that the spiritual welfare of our people, and more personally, our local congregation, is essential to the well being of the U. S. especially when I consider that our nation was founded at least partly for religious purposes and freedom. Alright churches, we are not closing for business, which is the spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical welfare of our people!
I just read these verses a bit ago and they appear to be relevant for our current situation. Put your name in the place of mine when you read these verses: Cary must not allow his heart to be troubled, Cary believes in God. Cary must also believe in Me, John 14:1. Whatsoever Cary will ask IN MY NAME, that will I do that the Father may be glorified in the Son, If Cary will ask anything IN MY NAME I will do it, John 14:13,14, caps mine. If we are living in the name of Jesus our prayers are powerful. We need to assure that our prayers will bring glory and honor to our Heavenly Father. This means we always need to turn to the Word, find what it has to say on the subject, (find at least two or three places that say the same thing) and pray in line with what the Word says, then we pray according to the will of God EVERY time.
I continue to pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to rest upon each of us and cause us to have courage and boldness in the faith of the Lord Jesus. Keep the faith and love one another as He has loved us! The coming of the lord draws near. PTL
Catch everyone later. Remain in the Fathers love. Pastor Cary

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